Thursday, January 1, 2009

Slainte for 2009

Happy New year to all.

Read our horoscopes this morning and by all accounts 2009 is a banner year for both Liz and I. We will certainly be working hard to get Madelaine published in the very near future.
Bitterly cold today,-15 but sunny and dry. Great day to hibernate and do some reading and rest before I go back to work tomorrow. Liz is moving to the 6th floor tomorrow to start her new position. I don't know who will bail me out when I get stuck with the computer now! I will still see her every day but she will not be popping over to sort me out. Oh, woe is me!

Peter has started editing the end of the third draft and should not take him any time. I have pinned down a couple of agents to query so working on drafts of our query letter.

Saturday we are off to Cambridge to a combined beginning of year and birthday party. The group of friends we see a few times a year have birthdays in January and the rest are in May That works out well as then we can have a barbecue with them for the other half.

Most are feeling a little uncertain this year financially, so along with my wishes for good health...the most important and happiness , I wish you all financial health as well. A winning lottery ticket would help.l!!!

Hope no hangovers plague you and don't start your resolutions at least until the middle of January. I personally will be glad when all the shortbread is gone.

Only good things for 2009.



wendy czelusniak said...

"Slainte for 2009" ... I like that ! Hopefully , this new year will resolve all financial hurldes , for all of us . I remain very optimistic about that .
How exciting ....Maddelaine to be soon published ?! I can hardly wait , as this would be a huge celebration , knowing that you both were working very hard to get to this point . Both stories are very intriguing and owning your books will be an honor . Knowing you ( both ) , there is , always, something NEW brewing in your minds . All the best !

Liz said...

Hi Wendy
Thank you so much for your kind comments and as always, for you ongoing encouragement. That means so much to Pam and I - probably more than you know.

We will be more than happy to save one of the first signed copies of either/both book for you!!

Have a great weekend.

wendy czelusniak said...

Are you kidding me ?!!! I WANT both books and .. all after those ! .. signed !

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies,

Yu must be surprised to hear from me (of all people) Just wanted to say FANTASTIC material!!!! Can't wait for the book(s)

Louise Kioke (Eckhoff)

Anonymous said...


FANTASTIC work ladies. Can't wait for the book(s)

Louise Kioke (Eckhoff)

Liz said...

Hi Louise

Surprise indeed! Nice to hear from you and thank you so much for taking the time to check out our blog!

Stay tuned..we are hoping to get Madelaine out to the publishing world this year..and the sooner the better, LOL!