Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fluffy white snow!

Freezing cold but sun shining on great fluffy mounds of snow. They look fluffy but as I don't shovel it is probably big ice chunks!! This was not forecast and it snowed all day and into the evening. Let's hope the roads have been plowed as we are making a trip to Toronto for a birthday dinner at my son and daughter-in-laws. That is my birthaydinner and I am not telling you which one!

The added bonus is spending time with two Grandsons. Aidan who is six and his new brother the 5lb 4oz Ryan.

Our in house Editor, Peter is finishing the last chapter and epilogue as we speak. Liz has been busy setting up and revising and tweeking and polishing the finished manuscript ready for printing and then...........

Now ,you might be wondering what I am doing as everyone is busy but me. Well I won't tell you how long this blog has taken me as I can't see very well. Even had to give up driving for now and that does not sit well with me. Tomorrow I hope tmy appointment with the eye doctor is fruitful and he will book a cataract operation soon.

Tried to fix mistakes so forgive me for any errors.
Enjoy the rest of the week and hope to be writing again soon.


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