Saturday, December 27, 2008

Was it the new Vacuum???

Must be! Clearing the dust from my new digs seems to have led to clearing the cobwebs for writing as well! Believe it or not, I managed to revise the last Chapters and epilogue for our Madelaine...which means draft #3 is FINISHED!!

Its been sent off to Pamela and once the last few chapters are printed, she will hand them over to Peter for his critique...and then we can start on the 4th (& final???) draft...which means the hard part will only just be starting!

As for the vacuum? It seems to work really well, although I'm still skirting around a few remaining boxes. What I wouldn't give for an extra closet to just stack them in until I get the energy required to sort through them.

However, Ms Blance will be glad to know I have purchased a good quality - queen size - air mattress which will be put to use when we can arrange for a weekend of writing in "Manhattan".... My goal is to clear enough floor space now to actually use it, LOL!

Its been a very mild day, lots of rain - even thunder! - and quite foggy. If I had my way that would be the end of winter and we could just coast into spring. But I fear I don't have that much pull, so guess the weather will be what it will.

Hard to believe 2009 is just days away!




wendy czelusniak said...

I love you ladies !!!! and I hope you'll find in your hearts to forgive me for not commenting , thus far ....but this is just about to change :)))

wendy czelusniak said...

Congratulations !!! to both :)))

Pam ...on becoming a Grandma for a zillion time :) and ...
Liz ...on well deserved promotion ! ..see you on a 6-th floor ( it's closer to heaven , you know ! ). Pam knows , she's here all the time !

wendy czelusniak said...

So , what is the Vacuum ???
Liz , looks like you were quite busy figuring out how to work this mean machine :))) well has a button : "start" or "power" , somewhere ! Good luck !