Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My wee man

I could not let this opportunity go by without telling you all about my latest grandson. Born early, so he is a teeny wee thing weighing in at 3 lbs 4ozs. I was priviledged to be at his birth and I am in awe every time. Ryan Erik is breathing on his own and it won't be long before he starts to put on the pounds. Hope he is home for Christmas. and Ryan makes five grandsons!!! beautiful every one.

As you have ascertained the writing is at a standstill until Liz moves this w/e. As soon as she has her computer hooked up it will be nag, nag, nag. I know she is just as anxious as I am to finish things off and get going again.

I could talk about the state of the economy or our illustrious politicians that don't appear to know which way to turn after they were just elected,but I won't. I think Christmas will be a much quieter and hopefully more meaningful time for many, as families spend time together and not go overboard with the spending.

At work I am busy setting up boxes to collect food for the Food Drive as many are in need. We usually sponsor a family in our department but have decided to collect for Interm Place that gives help to women and children who have just come from home situations that are volatile.
There are always somebody much worse off than we are. Hope it helps someone get back on their feet again.

Weather -5 tonight so I am glad to be home. Send your thoughts to Liz as she makes the move to her new apartment. I wish her well and look forward to having our firt writers w/e in her new office.
I will update you on the wee man now and then.


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