Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jamie Tremain is back!

Welcome back Liz. This has been a time of change and the last few months have been trying for both of us. Change is inevitable , some good and some bad but we have both weathered the storm. Liz informed me she is back revising this morning, in between wrestling her new vacuum cleaner. What excitement!!!! Don't know how she can stand it.

Peter is anxiously waiting on the final chapters to edit and I will have to use the old grey cells, as Monsieur Poirot would say.I have been in neutral for a few months. Only half of my short storyis finished but I will use it again. It will be fun to get back to our routine once again and have a big editing w/e before we send the book out.

As soon as Madelaine is on it's way we have to finish Body Perfect and we can't wait. I would like a new look for the blog and have you posting your comments. We will keep it more on the writing and less on the personal side. I received a new Peter Robinson book for Christmas. It's tempting to sit down and read today as he writes the way I would like to but as my partner is back revising I had better get the lead out and do my bit.

On the personal side that I said we would be forgoing.... Ryan , our Christmas angel came home on Tuesday under 4 lbs but has now surpassed that mighty weight. He is just so perfect a baby and the family are all doing well. The other four G-sons are well and happy and Santa was very good to them. What more can you ask for.

I will blog again before the New Year and let you know where we are in our plans to be published Authors. This will be in bold script for a while until I get a cataract replaced.

Drive safe wherever you are and talk soon.


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