Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eighteen more days to Christmas!

Only eighteen more days to Christmas day. Seventeen more days to shop. That is, for those with a Christian persuasion. Everything seems very subdued this year and with good reason. Debt and job losses , the housing market falling rapidly and the car business a disaster. At the Mall yesterday, a Saturday, there was only one lonely little girl, all dressed up in her prettiest party dress to see Santa and have her picture taken. If the kids don't come out soon they will be laying off Santa and where will we be then.
I have decided , come next payday that I will have to keep the economy afloat and do my usual spending. At the sales of course of which there are many. But the down side to that, is that once stores get rid of all their inventory at very reduced prices, staff will be laid off and they head for bankruptcy, Bankruptcies are everywhere and favourite stores are no longer there.

Now that Peter and I have five beautiful grandsons in ages from 13 to 1 week old we will take pleasure in finding gifts for them to open on Christmas morning. If there is money left over then
the others will get a token to celebrate the season.

Unfortunately baby Ryan will not be home for Christmas but maybe soon after. I saw him yesterday and he is our Christmas Angel. So tiny but fiesty. he was moving around lots and I think he uses up all his energy.

I have not heard from Liz so maybe she has not hooked up her Internet yet. I hope the move went smoothly for her. It was a cold day but it stayed dry. Hurry back Liz as we have a book to finish. As if she is thinking about it at this time!

It is a bright and sunny day today but very cold. Not that I am venturing outside as I have oodles of housework to catch up on and put out the few decorations we still have. Some people do not like Sundays but I love them as I can potter to my hearts content. Something I do very well.

As this is the new age perhaps I will send an email Christmas card to everyone. I remember getting one about ten years ago and was disgusted by it. I railed against someone not taking the time to write to me personally but times change
So the question is....Christmas Cards or email? Hope to hear from some of you. Remember its what you say not how it is delivered.

Talk soon and Liz will be back in good form to finalize Madelaine.


PS.This quote I heard recently we could all live by.
"More loving,less spending"

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