Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beyond Exhaustion!

That’s what moving house does to a body. Downsizing from a 2800 square foot house to a 2 bedroom apartment. Sorting and tossing, wrapping and giving away…and it never seems to end. I suppose getting older doesn’t help either! The last time I prepared for a move I wasn’t working full time and had the luxury of energy during the day to devote to the organizing and cleaning. Not to be this time!

Work is very stressful right now (do I sound like a broken record??) and so I find there is no peaceful interlude. Eight plus hours of slogging away mentally during the day, followed by an almost comatose drive home afterward. A quick bite to eat and then trying to get at least two hours worth of packing done before falling - totally wiped out - into bed…where the brain then kicks into gear and reminds you of a million and one things that still need to be done.

And amidst all this chaos runs the thought “you need to be writing…Maddy needs to get finished” Where is a good clone when you need one? I’m really looking forward to setting up my writing room and have organized it quite nicely…in my imagination! More room to spread out and be motivated to make the final push towards completion of Madelaine.

Speaking of writing reminds me that within a day or two I will need to disconnect myself from cyber-space – and will be anxious to ensure my computer survives the move and will re-connect smoothly at the new address. Much to my chagrin I learned my current internet level of service is not available in the same high speed format that I enjoy now and I’ve been downgraded to one level lower. Ask my co-author how happy I am about THAT little piece of news!

Well the pizza that was ordered for dinner this evening is almost gone, which signals I’d best turn my little-remaining energy to some more packing.

Before I forget I’d like to wish any American cousins visiting our site a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!!

I hope to be back soon once I’m settled in my new abode, in the meantime, I’m sure Pam will keep you all up to date if need be!


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