Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghosties & Goblins

It seems to get longer and longer between posts but life gets in the way sometime. I am at home today as a day of bereavement for my sister-in law who died suddenly Sunday morning. I was going to try and make the funeral in Scotland but my husband pointed out that we had let our passports expire. Lesson learned. I will visit with my brother next year, but my heart and thoughts will be with them all this Saturday.

Liz is back from her much needed break but is still nursing a very bad cough and is into the fray at work. She is moving in the next month so I am not sure how much writing she will manage as packing boxes and all that a move entails will be foremost in her mind. Life certainly takes twists and turns sometimes.

The editing is coming along and Peter is working on Chapter 12. Not finding a great deal to change and that makes me very happy. When Liz revises the last few chapters we will be ready to format and make editing changes and then it will be done. May send to the printer to be bound so that we can have an original copy each.

Earlier in the week I went to the Harbourfront ,International Festival of Authors in downtown Toronto. It must have been the coldest night of the year so far.I walked from the train Station to the venue ,with the cold wind almost knocking me off my feet and chilling me to the bone I wondered what I was doing there all by myself. And why did I not drive? Especially since I was not sure where I was going and lots of strange characters around at night.

I made it with nose running and no feeling in my feet or hands but it was worth it.
Standing in line for my ticket was a guy I recognized and when he moved away I turned and introduced myself to Peter Robinson, one of the greatest writers of crime fiction with his Inspector banks series. Chatted for a few minutes and then he was pulled away by his adoring public. he has a new book out but the name escapes me.

I had gone specifically to hear Louise Penny read from her latest book "The Murder Stone" and there she was standing chatting with her husband Michael and another couple.
Again, I introduced myself. Don't know what she thought. Still blowing my nose and trying to get the blood back into my hands and rattled on about how much I was enjoying her book. Although we have had a correspondence before and she had critiqued our book she was having a hard time remembering who I was. She meets so many people. Well it came to her eventually when I said Jamie Tremain. Ah Ha. The magic words.

The evening was very interesting. One poet and four novelists of crime fiction. Louise speaks so well and she was the only one that I completely understood. She was a CBC journalist on Radio for 20 years so her voice carried. Such a striking woman and we had a nice chat later. Took some pictures and hope to put them on whenever I figure that out. I picked up a copy for Liz and she signed both for us.

The walk back was not as cold as the wind was behind me. I missed the street car and did not have enough cash for a cab. Had to wait 40 minutes for the train and Peter picked me up at 11.30pm. Past my bedtime but the whole evening took my mind off the sadness I felt about my brothers loss.

Today is Halloween and I am being a humbug about it. I will keep the lights out as I am not in the mood for ghosties and goblins. Tomorrow is a visit to two of my g kids in Barrie and I will help them eat the chocolate candies they receive tonight, if there are any left.

Have a good w/e.


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