Saturday, October 18, 2008

Frost.... on the cars this morning...brrr! Not surprising, but always a harbinger of what's not far away. The colours of the trees this autumn are nothing short of spectacular. I have heard that we are able to enjoy particularly vibrant colours this year due to the abundance of rain in the summer. Certainly a bonus and I hope we can enjoy them for many more days yet!

Indeed, it was another hard week at work, but thankfully we now have a brief respite! I managed to complete Chapter 13 last night and will do my best to wrap up at least 2 more today. (That's the plan at any rate!)

I'm enjoying the first coffee of the day and aside from laundry, really have nothing pressing chore-wise to attend to. Although I do feel a long over due bath is in order....for my dog, Angel.

As means of motivating myself for the deed, I have stripped the bed of blankets and comforters and headed them for their own bath. My reasoning being that I don't want a less than clean doggie lying on freshly laundered bedding. We'll see if this works. No doubt you have gathered that Angel is allowed the privilege of sleeping with the humans. As she only weighs 12 pounds and likes to curl up behind my legs, I don't mind.

I think Pam underestimates her ability in the agent search. Her strong point in this partnership is her confidence and gift of salesmanship, not being afraid to approach anyone who might lead to that one perfect connection. I on the other hand, am more content with behind the scenes activities and technical needs. Although I certainly look forward to sharing book launch duties with her!

No doubt the search may prove to be a frustrating one, but we've come too far now to let that be a major hurdle. One letter, one email, (one rejection?) at a time!

Part of the reason for this blog, is to get the word out about Jamie Tremain. For those of you who do check in from time to time, we really appreciate your comments or suggestions. And if you are a random visitor, perhaps YOU are the connection we have been searching for!

Enjoy the day.



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