Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rainy Sunday

"A good book is like an unreachable itch. You just can't leave it alone" Laura Bush

Well its not Monday, yet, but it is raining. And turning out to be a great day for writing. Its cool and damp - after some of the humidity recently endured, its refreshing to be dressed in longer pants, socks and a hoodie! A cup of tea on my desk, music in the background, and rain softly falling outside - all that's missing is a fireplace. For me, this is very condusive to writing, and so the third draft of Madelaine is before me, and I'm in the midst of Chapter 4.

After over a year of thinking the title "Madelaine" may not be enough, here is the revised title (for now at least!) - MADELAINE - Shadows and Light. However, I know Pam and I will always refer to our "baby" as just Madelaine, or even Maddy.

We've been emailing back and forth this morning - I don't think she is much looking forward to returning to work tomorrow. Can't say that I blame her!

Isn't that a great quote by Laura Bush ?- and to that end I have just started a novel by Peter Robinson - Aftermath. It's got me hooked right from the start and so in keeping with the day, I'm also itching to get back to the grisly and horrendous case Inspector Banks now is in charge of, so after this I think I will take a break from the computer and curl up for a good read!


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