Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Olympic Marathon

As Liz mentioned I am having problems. Just another little glitch to keep me on my toes. In between watching the Marathon at the Olympics last night I was doing my own marathon trying to fix what I know not much about. I gave up.

I have started revising chapter 6 and hope to do 7 today of the third draft . From this point Liz and I will work together to fine tune and hopefully have a publishable manuscript.

Talking of the Olympics.. I have enjoyed many events including the sprinters and relays but my favourite is the Marathon. The stamina and endurance needed to finish took my breath away.
Well our Marathon journey writing our first book will need lots of stamina and endurance too so I hope you are all there, our friends and readers to cheer us on to the finish.

Well the Olympics are over but the writing is not so....

I have four days to get a handle on draft three as I am on Vacation starting Friday. A visit to Detroit with an old friend and a relaxing time before the weather changes.

I am about to lock myself in my "Calea Sona" (Gaelic for Restful Haven), for some piece and quiet. Enjoy the rest of your w/e.



Caroline said...

Let us know how your trip to the motor city went. Glad to hear the writing is advancing.

Pam said...

We are going to be spending a few days at an island cottage on the St Clair River which runs past Detroit. Looking forward to getting away.
Hope to sit quietly and read or do some revising.