Saturday, August 16, 2008

Admiration for a Bookcase

Postings have been scarce but we are still very busy revising. Liz, now than her computer is running again has been cleaning up the last chapters of the second draft. I am working on the second chapter of the third draft and it is slow going. We meet everyday for lunch and read it out loud . This is where the revising comes in as we cut sentences and haggle over words but in the end we seem to be in agreement.

Editing your work is such a personal thing. It is very hard to cut your work and throw it out. As this is a collaboration I was sure we might come to blows when the other says 'That word is not working or, lets cut that paragraph." It has not happened that way at all. There are obvious times when I know who is writing what but mostly the work has blended and it is just our story.

The word count has stayed pretty much the same as when we cut often something else is added. The story has stayed the same, just said in a different way and we hope with more punch.

Liz is off to her friend Rebecca's trailer this w/e for a well deserved rest. I believe another open house is scheduled. The weather forecast is Sun sun and more sun for a change. We were all getting a bit waterlogged.

My oldest grandson ( who will be a tenager next week) Yikes! has been visiting .
As he had a sleepover at his cousins last night I am taking advantage of doing some writing in peace.

My goal today is chapter 3& 4. These revisions I am doing by hand so that Liz and I can then go over them together. Our workplace will not allow for my laptop in the cafeteria!! Some nerve they have. Imagine.

Right at the moment I am sitting on a single bed in my office admiring my new bookcase. I have finally brought all my favourite books together in one place instead of every corner of the house.
Most I have read and reread but I have quite a few that I need to read. I have a few first editions and quite a few Authors have signed books that now grace the new bookcase. The computer is grand but nothing beats the smell and the touch of a book.

Will blog tomorrow night and will let you know if I get these two chapters finished.
Enjoy your week-end.

Pam AKA Jamie

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