Sunday, May 11, 2008

The unsuspecting public!

What a week! Liz and I were extremely busy at work so by the time we get home the energy level is non existent no matter how much we wanted to write. A funeral for a co-workers spouse, a retirement affair, a first communion and Mothers day with the family took up the rest of our time.

I find that all these events and meeting of different people are great fodder for characterization for our books. Liz and I were sitting in a pub/restaurant waiting on the retirement group coming for a celebration and we looked at each other as we realized we were watching the same person and had the same thought. Hmmm, maybe we could use that one. Poor unsuspecting public

We expect the week coming to be just as busy at work but must try and finish Madelaine as we have arranged to go to Kincardine the w/e of May 23rd to start the revisions. No family distractions, no phones. I am hoping the weather is not too nice as we may want to spend our time outdoors!!.

I managed 4 pages of Body Perfect tonight and was quite pleased with what I had written. Hope my partner in crime thinks the same.


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