Thursday, April 24, 2008

Putting the 'tear' in Cafe-tear-ia

If you know me at all, you know I love plays on words, puns, and most kinds of humour (laughing at someone elses expense is not really funny - unless its my own!). And I really appreciate that gift in others as well! As an aside, for those in the know, there are lots of "in-jokes" Pam and I have incorporated in our stories.

Now to explain the "tear" surprise to my partner!

I was quite productive last evening and was able to complete about 1400 words, as promised, on our Madelaine. It was a scene fraught with emotion and sentiment, and I was completely spent when done! Sent it off post haste to Ms Blance for her perusal, and then this morning at break we went over it.

During the work day, when we have time to review each other's work, we usually take turns reading aloud what the other has written - Pam was insistent on reading what I had written, and had to keep stopping to wipe the tears from her eyes! I'm sure it caused one or two raised eyebrows in the cafeteria, but no matter - all in a good cause! We can only hope our present, and future, readers will be moved in the same way - perhaps we should offer a free pak of travel tissue with each edition purchased - embossed with a Jamie Tremain logo of course! A freebie is nothing to sneeze at!

I suppose that's the point of this journey - to create a story with characters that one can relate to; can enjoy reading about, and are interested in. If we manage to obtain a reaction such as Pam had today, then I think we will have succeeded!

We are looking forward to attending Brian Henry's workshop this Saturday, and as Pam had the good fortune today to win our PayDay draw at work (the second time in as many months!), she may really enjoy our dinner afterwards - we plan to dine at a local Greek restaurant I have frequented several times.

I plan to take the evening off from story writing, and instead should be trying to put the finishing touches on the monthly newsletter I put together for our Centre.

Enjoy your evening and we'll be sure to report in after attending the workshop on Saturday!




Caroline said...

I was saying to Pam... best not be writing a murder story next time or your man won't be safe in the house if you can get emotional reading your own stuff :)
And please, no sex... you'll be doing silly stuff on the cantine tables if you have to read THAT aloud!
It must be getting exiting to be so near the end of at least one of the stories now. Keep up the momentum and hurry with the denoument... want to know what happens!

Liz said...

Hi Caroline!

Now that would take the fun out of all of it!!

I think for the most part all of our sex "bits" are understated and leave more to the imagination than having to spell it out for the reader. But you're right, I'd not want to be reading anything detailed out loud, LOL!

We had a good day at our workshop and I'm going to post a bit about it, and I'm sure Pam will have her perspective as well.

Patience, dear reader, the ending, like a rich dessert after a fine meal, is something to be anticipated and enjoyed at leisure. No mere ice cream here!

Thanks for keeping up with the blog, much appreciated!


Pam said...

Hi Caroline,
Your comments are always appreciated. No. no sex scenes reenacted in the cafeteria. but the murder books!! better think about that one.

Yes it is very exciting to get to say "The End" but that is only the beginning they tell us.
More on the blog today.

Tattie bye