Sunday, March 23, 2008

My technology challenged weekend!

I took my laptop away on my supposed to be relaxing w/e to Kincardine as I was looking forward to being inspired by the ice at the harbour and the cold and crisp days to rev up my engines but...

Liz would say I am always challenged with the computer!! I could not hook up to a wireless server and when I did it only lasted for a few minutes. Now that should not have held me back as I still had Word and I did manage to write two pages of "Body" but I needed the Internet for some research. How dependent we have become. Where were you Liz when I needed you? My other half is worse than I am.

Watched movies, ate, had some wine, ate some more , slept and visited every bookstore within a 25 mile radius. I did pick up six books in a super used book store and I think tonight is a good night to get started with a good Murder Mystery.

Saturday we sat drinking our umpteenth cup of coffee as we watched the children in the town follow the Easter Bunny giving out eggs for their baskets.
The weather was quite cold and as we were at the lake it could be windy but the sun was shining and that makes everything fine.

Easter brings renewal for many things and the Jamie Tremain partners are no different as we get going again this week with more of the adventures of Madelaine and Brian and Dorothy and Paul.

Don't eat too much chocolate eggs and will post later when I have written some more.


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