Monday, March 3, 2008

"Hold your horses"

Not a day goes by that we don't mention the weather and today is no exception. I arrived home tonight with the temp. at 11degrees and positively balmy. It is now 7pm and its cold and freezing rain and we are expecting another 5-10cm tomorrow and more freezing rain and pellets. Enough already!!
Today Liz and I had our usual Monday conference and read what I had written. We pulled it apart and rearranged and generally mucked about with it. It has become increasingly obvious that endings are harder than beginnings, or so it seems at present. Getting facts and dates correct are crucial to the integrity of the story, so a lot of back and forth is necessary at the moment.
So that is what I am doing tonight with a notebook in hand.

Those of you who are waiting on some new chapters will have to "hold your horses".

I am a lover of magazines and Writing magazines are now my diet of choice. I read the headlines on '16 easy ways to get published" or "editors advice on how to shape your book". I like the one about Writer's retreats. Thats for me. A week in a cabin or lodge doing nothing but be creative and write to my hearts content sounds good to me. Liz can come too!!
So if anyone wants to send me on a retreat to finish the books , speak up now or forever hold your peace. You will be in the acknowledgments and we will sign you a copy.!!!
No? Good try Pam.


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