Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Monday

Mar 3

Yesterday I had a treat, my youngest son and his family stopped by unexpectedly. My oldest grandson, Michael, came running through the door, "Nana! I missed you!" and gave me a big hug. He will be 5 this week and is so excited about the big event. A family birthday party is planned for Sunday and then the following Sunday another birthday party for his little brother, Noah, who will be turning one. They grow so fast, and now that Michael is in school, you can see the influences of others already - a new expression, "Well! Hello-oh - I already told you that!" was used at least half a dozen times in their two hour visit. And Noah has finally started cutting teeth and is almost walking.

Their mother, Taushau returns back to full time work in a couple of weeks, and needless to say, is not looking forward to it. Not something I had to contend with when my kids were little. I managed to stay home with them - even though it meant I provided neighbourhood day care to help with the bills. But what a struggle, juggling little ones with work, dealing with emergencies and sickness.

At any rate, the unexpected visit postponed my planned Sunday afternoon writing until later in the evening. Then I was able to get back to Madelaine - some gaps in the most recent chapter were bothering me, so that was my focus. And it took me more time that I thought, but just as Pam noted she felt good about her weekend writing progress, so I felt that the story in this chapter was now a little more complete.

I still have to pick it up though where Pam left off, and now I also have Body Perfect to carry on with.....looks like Pam will have time on her hands for a few nights!! I've only glanced quickly at it, was just about to read it when my Michael arrived, and have just now had a look.

Pam caught a name slip up, which will get corrected - two sets of eyes are good at doing that!

Well I see time is moving forward and I must finish up and get ready to start the 401 trek shortly - month end reporting awaits!

Glad to see the freezing rain didn't materialize, and not even sure if its raining yet!

Enjoy your day!


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