Monday, January 25, 2021

The Writing Life

As a follow up to our blog post of readers and their thoughts and opinions of what they like to read, I'll put in my two cents worth here. 

I enjoyed the many suggestions and variety of new and old authors. I have read quite a few of those suggested and I'll add others to my reading list. My preference as a writer is to read what I write but I'm always open to reading other genres. Crime/Mystery/Thriller with a dose of Cozy/Romance/Amateur Sleuth thrown in. Not for me fantasy or sci-fi. My mind does not compute that way. I prefer to read and live in the real world or at least someone's fictional idea of what is real. 

Time travel and historical /romance I have recently taken a shine to but as yet I've not read the books they depict. Namely, Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series on, I believe, Netflix. Who doesn't like to watch Jamie Fraser!  But I had a hard time reading the books. Then there was the latest viewing of Bridgerton. A period drama that Wikipedia calls Alternative History/ Regency/ Period drama. The books are written by Julia Quinn and are classed as Escapist Historical Fiction.  Pure fantasy and what I assume is erotica, but I have to say it was entertaining. I will look into reading these if I can keep from getting too hot and bothered!!

I've always believed that most books are better left as books and not reinterpreted into a tv series or movie, but the success of these two books says otherwise. And then there are those wonderful books by Canadian author Maureen Jennings, who has entertained us with Murdoch Mysteries that are shown worldwide. That's not to say Jamie Tremain would not consider our Dorothy Dennehy Mysteries made into a movie. We will help with the casting!

I am a big fan of many Canadian Crime Writers, too many to mention. Check out the CWC website for new releases.

As noted in past posts change is happening in the publishing industry and we must all learn to adapt. I personally believe that reading a book will not leave us whether it be in actual book form, e-readers like KOBO or Kindle, or the increasingly popular audiobooks. I'm a book in my hand kinda person. My bookcases are bulging. Oh, did I mention I like comedy in a book? In these times, when things can get grim and dark, keeping a sense of humour is so important. A couple of writers that can always make me laugh are Melodie Campbell and Gloria Ferris. Check their websites and keep laughter a part of your daily routine.

Talking of routine. Liz and I are back in the saddle with a two to three-hour Zoom meeting every day, Monday to Friday working on our new Grants Crossing series - the first entitled Grants Crossing-Death on the Alder.

It's good to be back and if you wish to participate in our blog with recommendations for other readers like yourself, please be in touch at

Stay safe everyone and keep reading.



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