Monday, March 23, 2015


March  - what a month this has been! Several family, and friends’, birthdays scattered from one end to the other. An engagement party for my daughter and her fiancĂ© turned into a surprise birthday party held in my honour for one of those silly milestone ages. All involved with the planning did a fantastic job of keeping quiet, even to the point of having me pick up buns for the meal!   

       Jamie Tremain - One-half Celebrating a Birthday

Pam Trying to Talk Horse Sense?

                                                                                                  Killer Authors
                                                                               Donna Warner, Gloria Ferris, Donna Houghton and
                                                                                                              Jamie Tremain

And as if the surprise party wasn’t exciting and memorable enough, Jamie Tremain signed, sealed and delivered (to Canada Post) a contract with Black Opal Books to publish one of our books!!  The Silk Shroud (formerly Body Perfect) is the second of three completed stories Pam and I have worked on over the past eight years and we are tickled to death (hmmm, now there’s an interesting thought) to say we are now under contract with Black Opal Books. It’s been a long journey and we are excited to be taking these next steps, even though there will surely be more work ahead of us.

Naturally in the midst of all this my computer decided it was time to go all blue screen on me. So off to purchase a laptop and begin the task of moving files and backing up favourites. A further upgrade to Office 2013 completed the new set up and I think today has seen me finally comfortable with all things new.

Both Pam and I are truly grateful for all the support and encouragement we’ve received over the years with our writing. Not to mention the invaluable advice, suggestions and critiques offered to us by members of this wonderful writing community to which we belong.

A website is in the works as well - stay tuned for more details.

As well, Jamie Tremain will continue with our monthly interviews – later this month will be a visit with Elizabeth Duncan, author of the Penny Brannigan series.

And now if only Spring would really arrive, March would be almost perfect.


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