Sunday, April 12, 2015

I'm not a cat lady!

I am not a cat lady but who can resist them. And she is such a pretty girl is our Siggi. We were informed at the Humane society when we bought her that Calicos are not always the friendliest and never come when you call. She has proved them wrong.

She is very nosy and inquisitive and often perches on my desk reading  emails. Today she enjoyed a yutube video of horses line dancing. It's true. If you want to see it I'll send you the link.
I complained to my husband that he could be doing something other than watching golf on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. His answer, "Did you not tell me that you had just watched horses line dancing?' Case closed.

I'm not, I'm not a cat lady. Yes, I protest too much.

It's been a busy month since we signed with Black Opal Books and wait on our first edits. Income tax, book panel discussions at the library, book club get together's and reading the latest for our next victims interview on this blog. There is a theme going on here.

Howard Shrier will be in the hot seat April 27th. Be sure to check back then and I'll tell you more about our resident feline who has taken over our lives.

Talk soon,

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Michele Paterson said...

So glad to see you have joined the Cat People Club Pam!