Sunday, September 21, 2014

September Summary

Summer’s gone – the warm breezes filling my writing room may well be the last gasp of summer. Not looking forward to this winter, based on predictions that it could be worse than the last one. Memories of that season are still too fresh in my mind.

I’ve been settling into my new location at work, getting acquainted with new faces and learning how to adapt to a slightly different work environment. Missing so many of my friends back up on the sixth floor though and it’s not as easy to grab a coffee or share lunch as I’d hoped.   Very glad then to have seen so many familiar faces Friday night at our company’s annual Gala and Rewards evening.  Several co-workers received well-deserved awards, among them two who won the top prize - a week long cruise later in January when all the annual convention winners world-wide assemble for a week of fun and sun aboard a luxury cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Pam and I had a Jamie Tremain day last Saturday, directing our focus to submit Body Perfect to another publisher. The publisher who’d had the manuscript for several months, decided against it a couple of months ago. C’est la vie.   So back on the submission trail we go.

During the summer months, both Pam and I suffered family losses and are regrouping in the aftermath.  It knocked us off our writing stride and it’s been an uphill climb to regain the rhythm, but we will persevere.  We’re certainly not unique in having major life events occur, and life still does go on.  Perhaps just a little differently.  For me, it’s meant not taking anything for granted, to live each day grateful for the blessings I enjoy, and to make a difference.

Getting back on the writing track took a big step forward last weekend.  After a morning of writing and planning, Pam and I enjoyed a lively lunch with fellow writers, Gloria Ferris and Donna Warner.  They both willingly share helpful advice and we had some laugh-filled brainstorming.  Another aspect to our meeting was discussing the desire we all have to develop a writing-related group to offer resources, advice and to promote other authors in the area. As well as sharing writing and publicity ideas.   We now have the fledgling beginnings of a group – more details to follow in the near future.  I’m quite excited about this venture.

Speaking of writing resources, Donna Warner’s blog offers great tips and advice – be sure to check it out.

And Jamie Tremain’s next interview will be posted later this month featuring Cathy Ace – fun lady and successful author of the Cait Morgan series.

I leave you with this gem from one of my favourite Twitter sites – Haggard Hawks Words   @HaggardHawks   -  A  quilicom is an utterly pointless or irrelevant matter raised in a conversation.       With municipal elections around the corner, this could come in handy!




Gloria Ferris Mystery Writer said...

Great blog, Liz, and thanks for the mention of our seedling group. I'm looking forward to Cathy Ace's interview.

Elizabeth Lindsay said...

Thanks, Gloria. I'm looking forward to the next steps as well. I think you'll enjoy Cathy's interview, too.