Sunday, November 17, 2013

All things of a writing nature

Writing and books are a passion and something I have wanted to do and dabbled in for quite a few years but it’s the other things that a writer must learn that I need more lessons in. This last four days have been hectic as I met with my writing group for a two day online conference.

Experienced authors and assorted people in the writing community spoke on blogging, the use of social media, how and when to use it and all the aspects of marketing your book. What are agents looking for and how to get one? Should you try to get an agent or self publish. I have read copious amounts on these subjects but always learn something new.

The next night was my book club meeting. We had nine eager readers and writers with the author in attendance. That is always a plus, to be able to discuss the book and get the lowdown on just how the book came about.

was the author discussing the amount of research she needed for her book “The Book of Stolen Tales” the second in the Mesopotamian trilogy. This was my favourite book this year and look forward to the third in the trilogy.

Day four. Did I tell you I can’t get enough to do with books? Today I joined Oakville author Melodie Campbell our local Chapters store where she was promoting her follow up book to ‘The God Daughter’ with ‘The God Daughters Revenge’.

Now that was fun but it could have been busier. We forgot the Santa Claus parade was today. But the shoppers that were there were receptive,and Melodie sold lots of books and goodwill which is one of the main objectives of these events.

Now it’s back to my writing with Liz and Jamie Tremain. As you know we write separately but get together on line to collaborate and edit and brainstorm. I know, it’s not for everyone but it works for us so..

Followers of this missive have been receptive to the interviews on the blog. If you have a favourite author you would like me to interview, and I can reach them please let me know.
Next up on November 25th is Ottawa author C.B.Forest of the Charlie McKelvey mysteries and in December Andrew Pyper has centre stage talking about his new book “The Demonologist”.

Ok Liz, are you ready to brainstorm tomorrow?

Talk soon,

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