Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lists and Links

September is a new beginning. Kids are back in school, summer clothes hit the pile for the basement, and the garden is fading fast. So why is the temp at 34 degrees? I am wilting with the humidity.
 But this is exceptional. Just like my exceptional husband (not sure that’s the word for him) who has decided at the end of the summer to pitch in and do some gardening. But why now when I want to cut back the bushes and empty the pots that held my tomatoes and begonias. One of the hottest days of the year and the man is red in the face with exertion. I’ve been waiting on the patio weeds to be pulled for three months, and NOW he does it.

Did I tell you we are not really gardeners? We admire others who have the fortitude to water and weed and deadhead when needed, but we’ve never had much success.  I wonder if anyone would notice if I stuck silk flowers in the ground. Sacrilege you say. I’ll stick with my orchids indoors. Does anyone know if they have a flowering season?

The writing  is going well on our new book. Liz and I have found a better rhythm  and have a better way of communicating our writing process. We'll let you in on the premise soon.

When not writing I'm reading. These are a few I read this summer.
The Book of Stolen Tales”                                  D. J. McIntosh       
“A Small Hill to Die On “                                    Elizabeth Duncan

“Victim”                                                                  Catherine Astolfo  

“The Christie Curse”                                           Victoria Abbott      
“Threaded for Trouble”                                        Janet Bolin    
“Evil behind that Door”                                          Barbara Fradkin   
“The Whisper of Legends                                   Barbara Fradkin
“A Tap at the Window”                                       Linwood Barclay   
“When the Saints go marching in”                  Anthony Bidulka
Canadian Authors rock. Each of these authors had something different to offer, and I enjoyed them all. Cozies, thrillers, suspense, police procedural, but all with the under belly of crime .

Since the New Year I’ve been interviewing Canadian Crime Writers and had a great time doing so. If you missed any of these interviews you can search the archives for your favourites. I noticed things were slanted towards the female persuasion so I am about to rectify that.  The following authors have agreed   to an interview with Jamie Tremain.

October 7th- Rob Brunet
Rob is a writer friend who is a member of my writers group. Next week he’s attending Bouchercon 2013
 ‘A New York State of Crime’ the world’s leading convention for crime fiction readers, writers and others.  We’re looking forward to hearing Rob’s perspective on this event.

October 28th- Anthony  Bidulka
I first met Tony at ‘Bloody Words” in Ottawa in 2009, and I’ve been a fan ever since. This Saskatchewan author writes the Russell Quant, mystery series. You’ll have to check in on the 28th to hear about a new series. The first is “The Saints go Marching In” featuring Adam Saint, a Disaster Recovery Agent. You won’t be disappointed.
TBD-November 18th- C B Forrest   
I first met Chris at the launch of “The Devils Dust” the third in his Charlie McKelviey trilogy. His background in journalism shows in the amount of research he does. Check back to find out what Chris is working on now.

TBD-December 9th - Andrew Pyper     A lunch at ‘Scene of the Crime” sealed the fate of my next victim.This very talented writer will have you scared to put the light out at night.when you read his latest. ‘The Demonologist’.

Loads of new books out this fall. Vicki Delaney, Louise Penny, Erika Chase  and  Ian Hamilton are just a few of the authors awaiting my attention. I'll also mention  a collaboration by Kat Flannery and Alison Bruce. Their book "Hazardous Unions" was launched this week. Out on Amazon and hardcover in October.

Have a good week everyone,

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