Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wolfe Island Wrap Up

Pam’s done a great recap of the time spent on Wolfe Island this past Saturday for Scene of the Crime and I've just read Gloria Ferris’blog with her perspective – be sure to check it out as well.

So I won’t go over similar ground except to say how much I enjoyed the day’s activities, the discussions and conversations over delicious meals and of course adding to my “must read” list –rumour has it summer is drawing to a close and that means more time for reading doesn't it?  Hard to make a choice – so many great books by favourite, and destined to become favourite, authors.  Between Pam and I, we managed a good cross section, all duly autographed to “Jamie Tremain” of course.

Pam met me at work on Friday afternoon and we headed east via the 407 toll highway by 3:30.  Within half an hour we’d reached the easterly end of the road at Pickering – what a lovely drive (mind you I haven’t paid for it yet).  But then it took an hour to clear Oshawa.  We straggled into the motel at 7:00 Friday evening.  After a quick settle in, it was time to find somewhere for dinner.  The desk clerk, when asked, provided simple directions to a variety of eateries.  But neglected to mention the detours due to road construction.   Finally found a suitable restaurant and enjoyed a tasty meal.  Now to find our way back to the motel!     Note to self – pick up map of next city stopover! (Yes I prefer an actual paper map to a GPS).  Thankfully my inner compass seemed to be in working order and we were soon safely back at our temporary lodgings and within minutes fast asleep!

Fast forward to early evening Saturday – having spent a lovely day on the Island we took a leisurely stroll to catch the 7:30 Wolfe Island Ferry back to Kingston.  A perfect summer's evening, we decided to spend the twenty minute trip on the upper deck, rather than in the stuffy confines below.  Not the most comfortable seating for the trip – I don’t mind a bench, but I do like to at least have my feet touch the ground. The last car aboard, the ship prepared to depart and we looked forward to some picture taking along the way.  But wait a minute – the engines have reversed?  We’re backing up?  Yep, barely two minutes from shore and we were returning.  An announcement of some sort came over the PA but with the sound of those powerful engines, it was lost.

We watched as the ferry crew instructed three vehicles to back up and off the ferry.  While a cleared spot on the car deck stood empty, more foot traffic was allowed to board and it soon grew quite crowded.  All the more reason to be outside in the fresh air.  A rumour was heard that the ferry was waiting for an ambulance.   We’d been told earlier that although the last scheduled ferry run is at 2:00 a.m. the crew sleeps on board in the event of an emergency on the island – looked like this would be an early evening emergency run.  So we waited, and waited.  The sun sank lower over the beautiful water and the giant wind turbines of the island began to blur into the dim light of evening.  A fellow passenger commented that in all the years she’s used the ferry service she’d never known this to happen.

Eventually, at 8:30, an ambulance did arrive, and within minutes we were on our way once more.  All the while wondering about the passenger in the ambulance.  No lights or sirens accompanied its arrival.  Would the trip to Kingston be too late, or had the emergency been downgraded? Speculation was all we had and once docked in Kingston, we were impressed with how quickly the crew had that ambulance free of the deck and on its way.

So an intended evening of catching up and discussing the day fell to the way side and it was once again lights out shortly after arriving back at the motel.

Next morning a four hour drive awaited, but breakfast first and the need to push back a booming headache with some serious coffee!  After some unplanned sightseeing through Kingston we found a welcome breakfast venue – the Jiffy Grill – and enjoyed a leisurely meal.  Back in the car and I planned to exit the plaza where we had come in.  I detest left turns and traffic lights ensured I’d be able to make my turn on the green.  But uh oh…halfway through the turn I noted a sign beside the traffic light.   

And almost before I could put the pieces together there it was – the flashing lights of a Kingston police cruiser behind me. Pam was busy discussing plot developments of our next story and was blissfully unaware of the reason for my blanched face and clenched hands on the wheel.

The officer made his way to my window, “Good morning,” he greeted me.  And before he could ask me if I knew what I had done, I confessed that I thought I knew what had happened. He patiently waited for my explanation.  While digging for my licence – why is it so awkward to get out of the wallet when you need it – I explained we'd stopped for breakfast and left the plaza the same way we entered.  But I had noted when advancing on the green light a sign which read “Transit Turning Only”…and there’s no way my little Caliber would pass for a Kingston Transit bus. He smiled, in that way authority figures can do so well. “And if that light had been red would you have noticed that?”

“Oh tell me it WASN’T red,” I tried for some levity.

 He agreed it wasn’t red.  “You know that’s a $150.00 fine.”

What could I do?  Explained we were out of town as I handed over my licence, and hoped he’d be understanding.

“Don’t worry,” he finally reassured. “I’m going to jot down your name, but will let it go.  I’d be more concerned at someone who lives here saying they didn't see the sign.”

With my sigh of relief as he walked back to his cruiser, my adrenalin lowered back to normal.  At this point all I wanted was to find the 401 West.

Fortunately the rest of the drive home was uneventful – it was a beautiful day for a drive and we seemed to be ahead of the returning weekend traffic.

So all in all it was an event-filled weekend and Pam and I are both glad we were able to attend Scene of the Crime.  Good memories and encouragement and inspiration for the months ahead!

And that’s a wrap – Cheers!


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