Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Morning After The Bony Blithe

Jamie Tremain made the trek into downtown Toronto to attend the Bloody Words Bony Blithe – Gun Club and Quilting Bee - Gala at the prestigious National Club last night.  Thanks to Pam for doing the driving, but after a whopping parking fee and the stress associated with the drive, we've agreed future adventures into the big city will be done via transit and cabs!

Still it was a most enjoyable evening, good to meet up with some familiar faces, and getting to know other recognizable faces in person.  Facebook allows us to ‘friend’ so many in the writing community before actually meeting so opportunities to make these connections more real is most welcome.  Pam has posted some pictures on Facebook of the evening and I’ve put up a new one of Jamie Tremain taken last night.  See the side bar. Congratulations to Elizabeth J Duncan who took home the Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award for her novel “A Small Hill to Die On”.   Congratulations also to the other well deserved finalists -  Janet Bolin, Chris Laing, Karen Dudley, Michelle Rowen and Morley Torgov.

I was quite pleased to be one of several recipients of a door prize, a gift bag stuffed full of books to enjoy over the coming weeks. And of course will be sharing with Pam.  Thanks to all who were part of the organizing of this event – Caro Soles, Cheryl Freedman, Jane Burfield, et al.   Now we look forward to Bloody Words in 2014.

Of course, as often happens after a fun night out, there is a price to be paid. For me its very sore feet – feet that have not been subjected to high heels in many, many moons. Probably wouldn't be such a big deal except that I’ve been making numerous trips up and down stairs today – a brand new fridge supplied by the property management folks just this past September decided it had had enough, and died.  Fortunately an extra fridge in the basement has been pressed into service until a replacement arrives – hopefully early tomorrow.

Tomorrow also marks the end of my vacation time – can someone please tell me why it goes by in warp speed?  I’ve enjoyed catching up on some reading – currently reading “Cheat the Hangman” by Gloria Ferris.  Gloria was last year’s inaugural Bony Blithe winner. A page turning tale, I’m hoping to have it finished before work draws me back into its clutches on Monday  Besides, I have almost a full shelf of “to be read” books awaiting my attention. 

Pam will continue with her interview series later in June by profiling the award winning D.J. McIntosh, who has recently released “The Book of Stolen Tales”, a much anticipated sequel to “The Witch of Babylon”.  Be sure not to miss it!

And now, I must trek once again down two flights of stairs on my tender tootsies to see about supper.

Keep cool – reading is good for that.



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Gloworm said...

Thanks, Liz. It was nice to see you again, and to meet Pam, the other half of Jamie Tremain. I so hope you enjoy CHEAT THE HANGMAN. I'm sure you are anxious to get on with reading some of these year's finalists and, of course, winner Elizabeth Duncan!