Saturday, March 2, 2013

Captain Underpants meets Origami Yoda

March – the calendar this month has lots of days marked for birthday observances.  Two grandsons, a daughter in law, and a special friend who lives in Florida, plus my godmother, sister-in-law and others at work.

My oldest grandson enters the double-digit era next week.  Michael is my pen-pal as mentioned in an earlier blog – so far we've exchanged two letters.  With more to come I hope!   He’s also a great reader and I love to encourage that whenever I have the chance.  So my thought this year was to take him and his younger brother to my local Chapters and have them pick out their own books for their birthdays.  Apparently Captain Underpants is a hit with young Noah – who knew?  And Michael chose The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  He seems to like stories with a mystery theme – wonder where he might get that from?   I’ll certainly encourage reading among all of my grandchildren every chance I get.

After Chapters, we enjoyed lunch at Pizza Hut, accompanied by a good friend of mine.

Pam and I want to enter a short story contest as she mentioned below and after discussing a handful of scenarios have decided on the theme of our story.  I woke yesterday morning brimming with ideas and had to rush to jot them down before I forgot.  This morning, over breakfast, I began working on the first draft – so far about 700 words.  Having worked and re-worked so long on Body Perfect I find I’m really energized to be creating something new and I think Pam is of like mind.  I’m waiting to hear her thoughts on what’s been penned so far.

With the beginning of March, my thoughts turn to the approach of spring.  Although this month can be treacherously deceptive, I choose to be optimistic and believe each snow fall will be the last.

Next weekend will see the family get together to celebrate Michael and Noah’s birthdays – only 9 days apart.  Always a good time to catch up with everyone and enjoy being with each other.  In the meantime, there are stories to write and books to read!



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