Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Willing Heart.....

….is the title of a short Valentine themed story submitted for inclusion in Alison Bruce’s blog this week.  When I logged on to my computer this morning I was tickled to see it had been posted as one of her Valentine Shorts.

Pam has mentioned that Alison, incredibly busy lady that she is, has agreed to mentor Jamie Tremain during this process to become publisher worthy. The first few pages of Body Perfect have been reviewed, with some agreed upon changes.  Pam has been busy this week –amidst bedroom calamities – adding her thoughts to those pages and now they’re in my court.

On another note, I’ve now had a week with my new sleeping partner – a CPAP machine. Still getting adjusted to the apparatus around my face, although compared to some models I’ve looked at this is one of the least obtrusive.  Apparently there is no snoring to be heard from anywhere in the house while I’m hooked up and while I still haven’t slept all through the night, I’ve been really happy to note I’m not yawning my way to work each morning (a 40 minute commute).  Another sleep study is booked for next Friday, this time using the CPAP machine for comparison.  Results of my first study showed that I was not breathing anywhere from 60 – 80 times an hour!  Any wonder exhaustion was my middle name for so long?

Before you go, please take a moment to check out Alison's web site and her blog.  Jamie Tremain is pleased to add Alison to our list of favourite links.

Cheers! and belated Happy Valentine's Day


ps...Watch this space for the first Jamie Tremain interview.

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