Thursday, January 3, 2013

Two Dinosaurs

Today I had lunch with two friends in Toronto. I made lunch and took it to them. One is a very sprightly ninety six year old and the other her daughter my friend who has Multiple Sclerosis. It was a combined Christmas, New Year and birthday celebration. We had a lovely time over some wine and finished our lunch with some coffee. Now, as I was in charge of the lunch I was informed that I could make the coffee in one of these new coffee makers with the pods.

Anyone who knows me is aware of my incompetency with anything of a digital nature so after calling my husband into the kitchen to help he kept muttering...'I wouldn't give this house room’ we finally managed to produce single cups of coffee. It’s too bad if they wanted another. I was too intimidated and my husband not much better.

I put my husband to better use as my driver.  On the drive from Oakville to Toronto I continued reading my new Ian Rankin, “Standing in another man’s grave”. He has another winner on his hands. For Rankin fans his Rebus creation is just as sexist and he still manages to put away large amounts of Glenlivet single malt and cough up his lungs on his fags. Personally I would like to smack him about the head but his ex-colleague Siobhan Clarke appears to tolerate him. Good stuff. I love how he mentions the street where I grew up-Broughton Street.

Now how do I get my husband to keep driving around as I am enjoying another new invention? I’m not a complete dinosaur. Heated car seats are the best thing since sliced bread, especially when it’s -4 degrees. If ever I am missing in action you will find me in the driveway, heating my posterior with a cup of coffee and the latest crime/mystery novel.

Had a good session with Liz last night and we are meeting all day on the 19th to have our first brainstorming of 2013.  We will have sent out a pile of query letters for Body Perfect by then and we’ll wait on all the offers of representation!! or contrary, rejection letters.

Talk soon,

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