Sunday, January 20, 2013

Busy Saturday

No sleeping in this Saturday –  up early and on the road to spend the day with Pam.  After some catching up it was down to JT business.  We now have a mentor provided through our membership to CWC and she has reviewed our synopsis.  We agreed with her questions and suggestions and spent a good part of the day re-working it.  Later today I’ll be sending it back to her, along with about 50 pages of Body Perfect for her to review.  Next up will be a meeting with the three of us and we’re hopeful of some positive feedback.

Seems that many of we writers are like a dog with a bone when it comes to our writing – we just can’t leave it alone!  After some of our mentor’s comments, we’ve decided a small re-work of the last few pages is in order.   All to the cause of strengthening our characters and wanting future readers asking for more.

We paused from our musings to enjoy a delicious lunch – Pam had baked a scrumptious onion pie and added a tasty salad.  (Oh and I DID bring the almonds) Another couple of hours spent on all things Jamie Tremain and I believe we had a productive day. 

From Pam’s it was only 5 minutes over to visit with my sister and her husband.  Today is her birthday so it was nice to hand deliver a card instead of previous years sending in the mail.  Enjoyed a nice visit, reminiscing over childhood memories.   Another very nice meal enjoyed – chicken cacciatore.  How nice to have had two yummy meals in one day that I didn't have to prepare.

As well we bemoaned the sad state of disappearing language skills. My personal pet peeve?   Garnish vs garnishee – how annoyed I am when newscasters report on “his salary was garnished”….really.  Personally I’d welcome a garnish – something extra – on my pay instead of a garnishee.   I'm continually grateful to my father who was a huge stickler on grammar.

Then it was time to hit the road at about 7:00.  The sloppy weather forecast for the day had held off, until I was just reaching the highway...then the rain and incredibly high winds hit.  I watched the temperature drop and as it neared the freezing mark the drive became a little nerve wracking and I was quite relieved to reach my exit.  No doubt the tulips I saw peeking out of flower beds outside my sister’s building are in total shock this morning. 

This morning it’s quite evident winter has returned, with a blanket of snow and dangerously high winds. 

For today it will be a chance to review notes from yesterday and get back to our mentor.  Also have some ‘housecleaning’ to do on Jamie Tremain documents in order that everything stays organized.

Birthday wishes again for today to my sister Michele and to a good friend at work, Stephanie!



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