Sunday, November 25, 2012


A gloomy overcast Sunday afternoon finds a scattering of flurries softly making their way earthward.  Temperatures have begun to take up permanent residence in the zero neighbourhood and Christmas lights are becoming more prevalent.  Yes, I think winter is approaching.  Can it only be another month until Christmas?   The answer brings harbingers of panic….decorating to do, gift lists to compile and cards to write.  My to-do list grows in direct proportion to the time remaining.

September and October have flown by.  No doubt my three-times a week visits to a chiropractor at the end of the work day and trying to maintain a walking schedule the other two week nights have something to do with that.

Pam and I have also decided to enter the CWC Debut DaggerCompetition with Body Perfect and have been polishing and working on the dreaded synopsis, so this weekend there's been a flurry of activity to work on that.  We have until Feb 2 2013 to submit our entry, but certainly would like to have it sent across the pond long before that date.

Keeping Jamie Tremain to our self-imposed December 1 deadline seems to have worked, because I think we're ready to start with query letters and/or submissions.  Lots of lessons have been learned this past year, but by no means do we feel we know it all.  I doubt anyone ever does.  Writing seems to be a never ending progression of skill and experience – and we never underestimate the wealth of advice so easily found on-line or in our circle of acquaintances.

The next few weeks brings a flurry of seasonal gatherings and other events (I have my sleep clinic date set for December 17) so my written list of upcoming dates to remember sitting on the desk before me will be invaluable to keep me on track.  But when I stop and think that the reason I'm involved in so many events means I'm very blessed to have a loving family and strong circle of friends – how can I really complain?  For that is where true wealth lies, not in possessions or a pay cheque.

As the flurries – whether snow or activities -  continue I wish you a happy and productive week.


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