Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Lesson Learned..

****** Correction******

Lesson learned. Always double check your work. I had the link to Vicki Delany's site wrong. Please use the following. http://www.vickidelany.com/ My apologies.

I have a few pictures from Bloody Words.
Liz AKA Jamie Tremain
Pam AKA Jamie Tremain

Lorie Lee Steiner and Vicki  Fife
Laughing Buddha

No, the Buddha was not at Bloody Words but was a present from my husband on our 46th wedding anniversary yesterday. He is so happy. Buddha that is, not so sure about my husband!


Terrific review for Deryn Collier for her new book   Confined Space in the Toronto Star. Check it out.

Liz and I are going to try a few new things with our blog so watch this space. We love to get comments good or bad and if you have not added yourself to our friends and followers list please join us.

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