Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bloody Words 2012

Home again after attending Jamie Tremain’s second Bloody Words conference; the first being in Ottawa in 2009.  And true to form it was another great weekend – a wealth of information and networking packed into three days.  Terrific panellists and guest speakers; Linwood Barclay and Gayle Lynds were in fine form.  Enjoyed listening to Dr. Peter Collins, whose degree in forensic psychiatry has involved him in many areas of law enforcement and criminal behaviour – it was fascinating and the time went by far too quickly.   My LinkedIn and Facebook contact list has now grown after the weekend.

Pam and I arrived in the middle of a torrential rain Friday afternoon – so much rain that Union Station had been evacuated due to flooding. And then a tragic shooting at the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto (just blocks away from our hotel) on Saturday brought home the fact that any of us can be affected by random violence – although this appears to have been a gang related shooting with one death, innocent lives are changed forever when caught in the crossfire.

Our manuscript evaluation was done by Deryn Collier which was extremely helpful and will keep us on track.  She had some great pointers and was very positive and supportive and we are more than grateful for her advice.  Needless to say you know what that means.....Draft 6 will be started before long.

Thanks also to Jim Shephard for some insight and tips discussed this morning – I’ll be adding his  P.E. Eyes to my reading list.  Along with Deryn Collier, Gayle Lynds and the new Linwood Barclay book due out later this year – just to name a few.

I can’t even imagine how much work and planning went into producing another successful conference and my hat’s off to all who were involved. Pam and I will start saving our nickels (pennies are soon to be extinct) in order to attend the next Bloody Words, which is skipping a year and will be again in Toronto in 2014. 

So after a very tiring but satisfying weekend, I now have to switch gears for returning to work tomorrow.

Have a great week and stay tuned for some new ideas coming to this blog in the near future!



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