Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drafty In Here!

After three months its finished – well the fifth draft, at least,  is done of Body Perfect.  As mentioned before Pam and I have put ourselves under the gun to submit Body Perfect for a contest before the end of April.   I vowed to have the version complete by the end of this weekend and earlier this morning dispatched it to Pam for her to review.  We plan to get together in mid April  for any final tweaking..and then send it off!  When that’s done, I’m putting Body Perfect on a shelf for at least six months!   Well, unless a publisher wants it re-worked of course.

We have learned so much with this story and both of us feel we’ve honed our skills immensely – not that we’re perfect, but progressing.  And are anxious to jump into our third story – with lessons learned.  

And then in a few short weeks it will be time to attend BloodyWords!  Exciting and glad its closer to home this year.

The past few weeks have been tiring to say the least.  Work eight hours and then come home and log on to keep going with Body.  Perhaps now life will settle somewhat and I won’t feel as guilty if I want to waste an evening on Facebook!  Today has basically been a pajama day in order to get the draft complete.  I rewarded myself with a viewing of new-to-video “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”...great movie, but long!  Very true to the book, but even at 2 and ½ hours couldn’t include everything.   I think I’d like to watch it again, just not today.

Speaking of Facebook, does anyone like the new Timeline concept?  When I logged on to our JamieTremain page, I had to update it and find a new cover photo – hope Pam approves!  But I find the Timeline hard to follow at times – oh well that’s progress I suppose.  While Pam reviews Draft Five, I plan to go over it and ensure we have our timelines in order – at least that’s one that makes sense to me.

Weekend’s half over –  do enjoy what’s left.



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