Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Weekend Approaches

And so is a day’s worth of writing with Pam, if all goes well.   She will come my way this time and we plan to have a good session of revising.  We've received some expert advice and input, on the first thirty pages, which will be heeded.   We really want to make this book as good as it can possibly be and have it ready to enter into a writing contest before the end of April..we think we can..we think we can...we think we can.

The non-winter we are enjoying (apologies to snow enthusiasts!) continues.  Beautiful, but cold,  sunny and one day closer to spring.  No commuting delays or shovelling – what more can you ask of this time of year.

Work is busy, and my manager asked me to show a comparison of my duties from a year ago and how they stack up today...well no wonder I’m tired. I’m averaging 60% more of reports and other duties than this time last year!  And still somehow it all gets done – not quite sure how.   But much more I would love to spend the day writing!  

Pam and I are now “Skype-ing” two or three times a week and its a great help when we can’t have face to face get togethers. Hoping to get some time for that this evening.  But after supper and clean up, it takes real will power to force the brain to focus, when so often it would be great to veg in front of mindless TV chatter.

Saturday will be a busy day.  Badly needed hair cut first thing, then Pam will arrive around 10:00.  And later I’ll be having dinner at my oldest son’s home with his family.  Sunday will have to be a true day of rest – but some vacation time is just a week away.  Its a long weekend (Family Day on the 20th) and a weekend getaway in Toronto has been booked.  Great tourism deals this time of year – hoping to take in the Science Centre and perhaps Casa Loma..its been years since I’ve been to either.   And then the rest of the week I will be home – WRITING!

But for now its time to find something to satisfy the hunger cravings and keeping it healthy to boot.



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