Monday, January 23, 2012

The Northern Lights and my whiskey marmalade!

I have returned from a visit to snowmobile country. I am not particularly an outdoorsy kind of person as I wimp out if it is too cold, but when you are wearing those suits just made for the weather it’s great. No matter that I looked like a blimp in an XXL size. I sat around a fire with a group of hardy souls outside hoping to get a glimpse of the Northern lights we were told would appear. After about an hour the kids were getting antsy and the fire was burning down so we took ourselves inside for hot chocolate.

In this part of the world, Kincardine on Lake Huron, there are probably more snowmobiles than cattle. I was staying at a friend’s lovely 1897 yellow brick farm house. No longer a working farm apart from a large vegetable garden, they are surrounded by Soy fields. But they have their priorities straight as they have planted grape vines with the intent on someday making a bottle or two. As we were celebrating four birthdays we cracked some store bought plonk instead. As a surprise my friend set of some fireworks that took us all by surprise, especially the dog. It took a while but we finally managed to coax her back inside.

Sunday morning I decided to write this blog sitting at the most amazing desk. It is a beautiful antique that is shaped in a semi circle. I have designs on this, but ... not for sale. It sits in the bay window of the dining room looking out onto a long driveway and then over fields with fresh layers of snow. I have not had breakfast yet and the sun looks cold, weak and bone chilling. I can smell the coffee and the bacon cooking. We are waiting on fresh arrivals to bring home made scones. Does it get any better than that? Unless it is the sauna I have been promised before we drive home! Nine for breakfast around a large country kitchen table. Bacon, eggs, home fries, toast with my whiskey marmalade, left over steak and onions from the night before and of course the scones warmed and dripping butter. With pots of good coffee and then conversation the guys and the kids were ready to go off again with the snowmobiles.

Not so the women. After eating as if we were diggers of ditches we talked a great deal about what sort of diet we should start...again.

I hope to get back here in February to spend some writing time. Not many distractions unless you count the occasional drive by of Mennonite farmers with horse and buggy. Or the red and yellow finches at the feeder just outside the window crowding the umbrella tree

Sun is up and it is brilliant. It doesn’t tempt me outside today and after helping with the dishes it’s off to the sauna before the drive home. Lovely.

What did I learn about writing this weekend?...Nobody is ever as serious about your writing as you are, so never ask friends to suggest anything regarding your work!

Meeting Liz after she finishes work tomorrow. Always glad to speak to her face to face to iron out any issues and in this instance it is the opening chapters we are attempting to change. And names. They are not agreed on yet.

Our snow is almost gone here as it rained all night but that’s always better for driving.

Talk soon,



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