Saturday, January 28, 2012

Forecast - Blustery and Productive

Earlier this week I determined to set aside most of today for working on Body Perfect.  And for the most part  I've met with success.   The weather actually helped.  A blustery and snowy Saturday meant it was much easier to stay inside.  Add some freshly brewed coffee and that’s all I need in the way of motivation to sit and write. 

Pam and I are really in a “get her done” mode.  Some major revising of the opening scenes, including a newly written prologue. Name changes as mentioned earlier are not set in stone and are yet to be finalized, although I think we are closer.  We’ve been encouraged to enter a writing contest, deadline of April 30 and also want to have Body ready for a manuscript evaluation at Bloody Words.  The pressure mounts!

As a means to ensure more frequent writing and discussion get togethers, I’ve decided to purchase a web cam (hopefully tomorrow).  That will help give Pam and I more ‘face to face’ time if we can’t actually get together.  All to the good!

As I write, the aroma of a pot roast is drifting up the stairs..thanks to M&M its one of the easiest things going and tastes divine!  Not having to use time in meal preparation is always a bonus for me!

So for now, I’m putting my newly revised thousand plus words aside and will have a good supper.  Somehow I neglected to stop for lunch  - now that’s dedication!



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