Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pam has left the building.....

I left Liz in a flood of tears yesterday as if I was never going to see her again. Just like Elvis, I left the building, but it was only 10.30am. No point in prolonging the agony after saying my goodbyes. I don’t really remember driving home. I felt kind of numb. My husband took me for a quiet dinner at the pub that night and I had an early one. Slept for 10 hours!

So, Today is the first day of the rest of my life. How dramatic is that? John Denver sings the lyrics. Check Facebook.

This is a holiday w/e here about, but I, being on a permanent holiday will not notice. I doubt I will notice what day of the week it is either and have stopped wearing a watch.

I am not going to tell you how I am going to get fit and healthy as I am fortunate to have my health and the fit stuff, that means exercise and zippering my mouth shut, may or may not happen....but I did get up this morning at 7.30am and walked around the ravine. It truly is a wonderful time of the day. The trees have formed a canopy since the last time I walked there so it was cool. I saw loads of rabbits and all kinds of birds. There were people drinking their morning coffee as they read the papers happy to shout a good morning to me. A few dogs were having their morning walk before the heat strikes.

But, I am going to tell you that Liz and I are more committed than ever to getting our books published. We have had a long hiatus what with one thing and another but now it is time to work. It’s the kind of work we both love, even if it is unpaid. For now!

What I have learned from other writers and bloggers is that you need to be disciplined in this journey of writing and getting published. Each works differently and not many work like Liz and I, but it can be done. Thanks for sticking with us and we will post an updated chapter of Body Perfect soon. Just enough to whet your appetite before you will need to buy and read the rest of the story! Yes, optimism reigns and I feel good.

On to the next chapter in my life and I hope Jamie Tremain is along for the ride.

Talk soon,

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