Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's Back.....

The humidity of course.  Hopefully a thunderstorm in the forecast for later today will bring some relief, but the long term prediction shows more if it right until Friday..and all I can say is “Yuck”!

A beautiful day yesterday for Canada Day – our 144th birthday.   While I didn’t get out to see the fireworks, I could sure hear them and am glad that folks who used the day as time to be outside with family and friends had such a gorgeous day for it.

Paid a quick visit to Chapters today; have had a gift certificate in my wallet for a while so decided to start a new collection.  Harlan Coben.   I have a couple of his books that have been lent me, with extremely high praise I might add, and so I decided that I would look for his first book (Play Dead) and read it as a starter.   He has written quite a few and so I like to get a sense of the writer from the beginning of his works when possible.   Once I finish with Stieg Larsson, Harlan Coben will be next.  Maybe even before the weekend ends.  After all with such uncomfortable temperatures, I do believe the most strenuous exercise should be turning pages of a book  J - preferably in a lawn chair under a shade tree!

While at Chapters I also signed up for their new points program and received my free “Plum Rewards” card.   That’s a rewards program I can appreciate!

The countdown is now on for Pam; at the end of this month she bids adieu to the 9 – 5  working life.  Dare I admit to a certain amount of envy?   Well unless a lottery ticket finally pays off, I’ll have to continue the work day routine for some time yet.

I want to wish our American followers a happy July 4th as well!  And hope that you enjoy a safe and happy long weekend  with family and friends as we have been doing here north of the border.


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