Saturday, July 9, 2011

By Hook or by Crook(s)

Today was revision day and I’m happy to report that Body Perfect is alive and well!   I spent an enjoyable day with Pam as we continued, and almost finished, the first revision of Body Perfect.  Part of the time was spent outside and some indoors where the air conditioning was most welcome.   A delicious lunch made a nice break mid day and I couldn’t believe it when my watch revealed the day had flown by and it was after  4 pm.

So, the crooks have been dealt with and now it’s a matter of finishing the story on a strong note as we wrap up this first tale featuring Dorothy Del Rio and Paul Barron.

As well, two things were accomplished today, one of which was the result of a “light bulb” moment and the other was something we knew we had to work on.  Both of our main characters, Paul and Dorothy, have  something from their past that they have been keeping from each other and we needed to determine where and how this revelation would take place.   The solution was arrived at and I now need to make a more lengthy revision in the second to last chapter to bring this background to light.  And how will it affect  the  blossoming relationship between our favourite characters?   We can’t tell you, silly…that’s why you’ll need to read the book!

The “light bulb” moment came about as we were reading aloud portions of the story.  Without giving anything specific away, suffice it to say we have been wanting to find some kind of trademark that will be specific to this, and future,  Del Rio adventures.  We had already decided on a specific, easily identified marker for the series, but the little gem we thought of today will be more subtle and tucked away within the story.  If nothing else, it gave us a jolt of excitement and a good dose of motivation, to see this revision completed as soon as possible.  Hopefully another little device to hook our readers.   As with Madelaine, we would like to soon have some bound manuscripts available of Body Perfect which we can lend out for feedback.   So I know what I’m hoping to accomplish tomorrow!  

If the heat and humidity are at the same level tomorrow as it is right now, then strenuous typing will be as much as I’ll be able to muster!  Breakfast with some friends is in store for first thing, and then I hope to plunk myself down here and make some headway with the manuscript.

As noted in my previous entry, I have started reading my first Harlan Coben,  “Play Dead”, and really do find it hard to put down.  Lots of twists, and very interesting characters!

I hope your weekend is going well…stay cool and enjoy the summer weather!



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