Monday, May 16, 2011

"Where's my Fascinator?"

This time last year I was busy preparing for the “Bloody Words” conference in Toronto. This year it is being held in Victoria, BC and unfortunately Liz and I will not be attending. I would love to have gone and spent the time in Victoria and of course meet up with all the fabulous mystery and crime writers that will be there. We had talked of going but until we get the book accepted and maybe make a little bit of money we will have to contend with writers festivals and conferences nearer to home.

Since last I posted the world has gone topsy turvey. Of course I watched the “wedding” in all its glory and enjoyed the pageantry and making comments about the hats that the English have a passion... or a fascinator!! I will be attending two weddings this coming weekend and I doubt I will see one hat. Many years ago I wore a hat to a wedding and I was a big curiosity. Now I don’t wear a hat and I am still a curiosity!! Our election results were not to my liking but as Liz and I differ on this subject I will leave it well alone. That same weekend Bin Laden was no more and more fighting in Libya. Then all the natural disasters, flooding in Mississippi and Manitoba. It certainly puts things in perspective when we have some rain as we have had this past few days. I can’t imagine what these people are going through as they watch their land and property taken over by water.

I think birthdays are very important and I like to celebrate family and friends special day with them but.. three birthdays in one week and two weddings! I hope I survive the week along with a busy schedule at work. Talking of birthdays, I want to welcome to the world a new great niece, Cara Taylor. A little sister for Elsa.

Liz has been a busy beaver while she has been on vacation this week. Finishing the revising on the chapters we worked on the last time we were together. Yes, it is slow going, but the end is in sight.

You may have noticed that I have failed to mention the foolhardy notion I had of keeping fit. It is still on my agenda but I think I will keep my efforts to myself. Like the writing of late it has been a hit and miss affair. 

Mothers day was a few weeks ago and my nearest and dearest gave me a book by Alice Munro. I thought I had read everything she has written and agreed with the critics and award committees that she is one of Canada’s national treasures. The recipient of many, many awards for her work this book seems to have escaped me. It is called “The View from Castle Rock” and came out in 2006. She is a master story teller and these stories hold a great deal of interest for me. She is very interested in her Laidlaw ancestors and has traced them back to the Ettrick Valley in the border country between Scotland and England of which I am familiar. Some of it is fact and the rest is fiction. I have just started reading so will give you more details in another post.

Have a good week,

ps...don't be confused that this is posted by Liz; Pam had some technical problems and wasn't able to get it to post, so fortunately I was able to post it for her.  Cheers!   Liz

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