Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

No, I didn’t win the lottery, or even find a publisher for our work (now that would be a VERY Happy Day!), but sometimes it’s the small things in life which can make a day brighter.

In this case, its having a working printer once again.  And thank goodness for extended warranties.  A new printer has now been installed to replace the one I had been using and which suddenly just went on strike.  It had been brand new in August of last year, and so fortunately the warranty allowed for a replacement instead of just a repair (another 2 - 4 weeks wait).  The technician at Future Shop agreed there was something wrong as he couldn’t get it to function properly either.

And in that vein of things new, I am just back from the grocery store, having pre-planned my lunches this week.  This is something I keep putting off doing and so my brown-bag days for work are haphazard at best.  However, I am determined to finally start eating a planned meal for lunches.  This is as a result of two things; 1) needing to lose some weight and feel better; and 2) it will help offset the continually rising price of gas I fork out each week for my commute.

So  now I know I have my lunches already planned for this week – except for Thursday pizza lunches with Cheryl of course!   I am also determined to reduce the portion of evening meals as well.  Small steps, but if I see the slightest downward trend on the scale that will be the encouragement I need.

Remarkably the sun is shining right now – this has probably been the wettest May I can ever remember.  And more is forecast for today, but with that forecast the humidity has set in..and that does NOT make for a Happy Day.

Hard to believe June is just around the corner.

I have finally taken up reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson, and have the second installment in the series waiting close at hand.  I love a fast paced tale and once this one got going I now find it hard to put down.   So after I finish up my monthly newsletter for work, I plan on taking a horizontal view of the day, with the book in hand.  If a nap ensues who am I to resist?   I’m also planning some time with Body Perfect to keep to the theme of the day.

Oh Happy Day indeed!

Have a great week –



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