Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was wishing I had the GPS system I received for Christmas as I headed out to Liz’s place in Guelph this morning. I had general directions and was sure I would recognize the cut off but after a few attempts and making a couple of u-turns I phoned for help and arrived a few minutes later. It does not help when you don’t carry a phone as I had to find a call box and they are in short supply these days.

After a surprise snow storm on Wednesday that crippled traffic and covered up my tulip bulbs, today was brilliant sunshine but still very cold. Roads were dry though so it made it easier to travel around the different campuses at Guelph University when I was lost this morning. There are seven colleges in all; the main ones are agriculture and veterinary medicine. So all was not lost except for me!!! I did get to see some really diverse architectural buildings and residences. There was also the Arboretum that is frequented by horticulturists and botanists from around the province. This is all within 10 minutes of Liz’s place.

After I was introduced to the four cats again we settled down for some revising. With lots of coffee, chocolate covered almonds , yummy biscotti and a break for lunch we managed to read and revise six chapters before calling it a day at 4pm. We were very happy with what we had accomplished. I made the trip home by 5pm. No detours this time.

An election was called today for May 2nd. That’s all I will say on the subject today. Let’s see what they all have to say first before I make any comments. The back stabbing has started already.

I have mentioned Louise Penny many times before as one of my favourite authors. She has a new nomination today to add to her many accolades. This evening is the judging of the Dilys Award given out by the Independent Mystery Booksellers for the book they most enjoyed selling last year. Lots of great nominees but of course I am rooting for Louise. Good luck Louise.

I try and learn a new lesson every day. So what did I learn today.......
1. Do not go out of the house without a GPS system when you get lost at every turn. That is why my sons bought it for me!!!
2. This is not a new lesson but needs to be repeated often. If one continues to eat chocolate covered almonds as if your life depends on them one will most certainly always look like the Goodyear blimp!

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