Monday, January 10, 2011

A spooky New Year to you!

My reading throughout the holidays was sporadic but I did read an author whose books I have avoided for years simply because they are mostly horror stories. I have a bad enough time getting to sleep at night so I picked my vacation time to read my first Stephen King. If it kept me up at night, I could sleep in the morning. And he did.. keep me up and I did sleep longer when I eventually got to sleep.

Still not my favourite genre as I was really spooked. The book I read was one I picked up and put aside for later. Not sure if I wanted to start a 732 page novel, I remembered reading somewhere, that if you want to write, Stephen King is required reading. The book I started was “Bag of Bones” written and published in 1998. This was a yellowed, dog eared copy just asking to be read.

It took me nearly three weeks to finish as some nights I did not want to get back to the story. Two nights in a row I dreamt what he had been writing and it chilled me to the bone. He is indeed a master storyteller and I am a new fan. A reluctant one... so I will read his books as a writing lesson and try not to get so emotionally involved. He covers every range of emotions and his characterization was wonderful. The dialogue was spot on and I could hear the voices talk to me in their particular idioms and accents. Those of you who read Stephen King will know what I am talking about.

New Year has Liz and I “off to the races” and we have our writing work day planned for later this month. We need to finish the 2nd draft and then it will be a polishing 3rd draft before we are done. It feels like we have been writing this forever but what writer is ever satisfied with their work. I think we will know when it is truly finished.

I treated myself to a vacation day today and I could get used to this lolling around, maybe ,for a day or two but then I have to find things to do. I have a few projects on the go and with the revisions I have lots to keep me going. I am very optimistic about 2011 and want to wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

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