Saturday, July 17, 2010

More of The Same!

Almost three weeks since Pam wrote, and it’s STILL hot, humid and uncomfortable.  So draining.  Intermittent thunderstorms have not really cleared the air as hoped for and so we continue to swelter.  There is no little envy on my part for those of you who have air conditioning.

But enough of the weather!    And I won't even mention problems that have been ongoing with the internet connection at this new address....

July has been a busy month at work and at home.  Here at home I continue to try and get organized after moving at the end of June.  The weather plays a big part in hampering efforts to get to those remaining boxes. Just thinking about unpacking is enough to start the sticky uncomfortableness the humidity brings. Pictures still need to be hung and bookshelves need organizing, but at least my library is unpacked.  I always think it feels like home once familiar authors and favourite tales have once again taken up residence around me.

Progress today though has come in the assembly of a much needed kitchen pantry unit.  Never believe those three little words on the exterior packaging….”Easy to assemble”.  Need I say more?  However after several hours of hard work, the unit now stands ready to be filled with the contents of some of those yet-to-be-unpacked boxes.

Pam has been literally run off her feet at work with one event (charity or social) after another. Hopefully she is enjoying a restful weekend as I write!  So many people at work have come to depend on her for everything from coffee runs to organizing day long company events.  And all with a smile – most of the time.

I am determined to take some time tomorrow to turn my creativity back to Body Perfect.  It has been too long away from this fun adventure and I am missing Paul and Dorothy!

This evening though I will be attending a gathering of family and friends as we celebrate my son and his wife’s 30th birthdays.  Hmmmm…the hall will be air conditioned, won’t it?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay cool.

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