Saturday, April 10, 2010


Easter Saturday was cooler than it had been so Liz and I spent the day together at my place.It had been some time since we sat down and worked through issues regarding the stories and hashed out a plan of action. Action being the operative word ,just what is needed to finish "Body Perfect". Inaction on both our parts so.... we needed to focus and have a plan.

We settled in with the requisite pot of coffee and a bowl of chocolate easter eggs. The weather had been wonderful all week so we were glad it was cooler and great working weather.

"Madelaine" is finished but it is necessary to go back to the drawing board and work on the dialogue. An agent who read the manuscript enjoyed the story and the characters but the dialogue needs some work. A work in progress and we will get back to it shortly.

We decided to charge ahead with Body and finish the first draft . As much as we like Madelaine we just love our characters in "Body Perfect". They are so much fun to work with. The plan is to make this into a series so we need to plant enough information in the book to whet your appetite for more.

We worked out the name of a new business for our protagonists. Can't tell you yet! Managed 1000 words and could have done 2000 but Liz was having a problem with my laptop. She is a fast keyboarder and not used to the small keyboard. Frustrating for her but a productive day.
I am working on the ending chapter that has to lead into the beginning of the new book. Liz is busy with dialogue and cutting and adding to the first chapters.

I read recently that all writers should take an acting class. It s the best way to bring your characters to life. I was into amateur theatricals in my teens but I was always relegated to the prop or makeup department. Now Liz can tell a joke like no one else I know and she gets into character easily. It'sa little hard to do our acting out in the work cafeteria though.

I read today of the advance that Yann Martel received for his new book. $ 1 million.!!!He is the author of "The life of Pi" also Louise Penny just received the advances for her next two books.

Girls can dream can't they? Well I can't earn any money blethering away here so upward and onward and I will let you know when they send me the big cheque!.

Talk soon,



Vicki Delany said...

Keep on working! Are you two going to Bloody Words?

Vicki Delany said...

I should have read further down before posting. Bloody Words is going to be great, you should try to make it if you can.