Friday, January 1, 2010

"It's a new deal"

Its a new day,a new year and a new decade. January 1st of any year is a chance to start again. This past year has been a year of uncertainty for many, least of all Liz and I. Added responsibilities at work and family issues kept us from giving our best to our writing, but we are bound and determined to make this our year.

The year was not wasted as we researched and read different authors in other genres. We honed our craft by learning from the experts. The highlight of our year was the convention in Ottawa ,"Bloody Words". Magazines such as the "Writer" and books written solely for the purpose of helping the aspiring writer become published were poured over for ideas and inspiration. Reading blogs on writing and finding out that we are not alone in our quest to be published authors. The writing world, and for that matter the Mystery writers we have met and have been in correspondence have been very generous of their time and help.

Because it is not a perfect world I will not be making any resolutions regarding writing. Life has a way of interfering all the time and there is no point in getting bent out of shape . Whatever is thrown at us next we can put to good use in an other book.

I have lots of ideas and characters for book #3 but I am getting ahead of myself.
The deal is............get Madelaine published, finish Body Perfect and then start #3

Best wishes for 2010 to our faithful supporters this past year. Keep reading the blog. We appreciate your support.




Anonymous said...

Pam, Although I have never meet you I know Liz and her strenght,wisdom, you surely have the same talents and gifts from GOd. I believe God will and Is opening up doors for your books to be published. He lead you and Liz to write it and gave you the words,ideas HE has the right people to publish is and all of us to read it! GOd bless!!! Karen, Liz American Friend ! LOL!

Liz said...

Hey Karen! Thank you so much for reading our blog and your comments..that means more than you may know! And when we have our first book signing in Florida you will be first in line!!