Monday, August 3, 2009

First Lieutenant Governor

We are into the third day of a long week end. John Graves Simcoe, Upper Canada's first Lieutenant Governor is celebrated.I wish I had a few more days but it's back to work tomorrow. I have not accomplished all I wanted to as I am in a procrastination frame of mind. Now that is not a good thing to be when you write. "Disciplined" is not my middle name. So perhaps I can start off the new week with a better plan. Write at least one hour a day, stop researching or at least research and get out of the site as it leads to many temptations.

I have been struggling with a new synopsis of Madelaine. We are finding that more and more agents are asking for submissions online. Each agent has a different criteria and this particular one has asked for a one or two page synopsis. Must be a secret to condensing a 300 page novel. Maybe I should research that!!! I will send what I have to the other half of Jamie Tremain and see what she can come up with.

Sending out queries online is certainly easier and cheaper than snail mail but if I have to receive a rejection I want a hard copy!!

On Saturday my family drove to Barrie for Grandson #4's birthday. On a normal day the journey would have taken 1-2 hours. 4&3/4 hours later we arrived stiff and hot as my husband is not in favour of air-conditioning!!My argument is that in the cold we would have the heat on. No? Nice lunch and present opening and then back to the car for the drive home. It only took 90 minutes. Go figure.

Saturday evening we visited friends where I picked the brain of our friend Walter. He is sourcing a new laptop for me and giving me a few pointers along the way.
Sat outside sipping wine until the bugs started eating my ankles. Our hostess Claudia had just finished saying that the bugs had not really bothered them this year. Hated to burst her bubble.

Yesterday was reading, napping, some revising and more napping. My kind of day.
Leftovers for dinner, and a good movie at night.

Today the weather is beautiful. Sunny , warm with slight breeze.
We are off to "Art in the Park". The local artists and artisans are showing their wares at the waterfront.

Not sure what JT is up to. Hope she has had a restful and maybe prolific w/e. Should hear from her this evening so look for her blog.

Talk soon,


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