Sunday, May 10, 2009

Short & Sweet

Happy Mothers' Day!

As Pam mentioned my computer is in a non working status, and is currently in for repairs...thanks to my good friend Rebecca for the loan of her computer to check my email and to quickly post a brief blog.

Spent a lovely afternoon yesterday for Mother's Day with my oldest son and his family. My other son and his family joined in along with my daughter. A barbecue had been planned, but the weather was too unsettled to sit outside. However barbecued meats taste just as great indoors!

Friday evening saw my oldest son, William, and I take in the new Star Trek movie..what a treat!! Its something we share in common and have made it our special time to share in any new premieres, This one was AWESOME! I have fallen in love with the early Star Trek all over again..the new "young" Star Trek cast have nailed their characters perfectly and the whole movie was a wonderful ride from start to finish...bring on more!!!

Well as I said, this would be brief and I must not take advantage of the time loaned to me, so need to attend to other outstanding email.

I'll be glad to be back online - hopefully no later than Friday - and finish getting ready for our Bloody Words in less than a month!

Have a great week.



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