Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter bunnies and babies

Happy Easter to all. Sunny and bright but still kind off raw. Had a busy w/e with family for dinner Saturday and four of my grandsons. Lots of fun and its always made special with a new baby. Baby Ryan who was born in November and weighed in at 3lb 4ozs is now a whopping 10lb 2ozs and is a delight, although I have heard that he has now found his lung capacity. Maybe I will wait until he goes to high school before I offer to babysit.
The picture on the left was taken quite a few years ago, in fact 41 years ago and just wanted to let you know the hair was not always grey/white.
I think I have the hang of the picture downloading, if that's the word. I won't bore you with anymore.

Today I was busy writing letters and getting the manuscript ready for the mail on Tuesday. Most agents only want two or three chapters. I hope the printers can do them in one day. My printer is on the blitz. We have a deadline of April the 15th for our submission to" Bloody Words" for evaluation.

I heard from Liz this morning and she was off to dinner tonight. She has another new cat and it is best if she describes him for you. LOL He is called NITRO. Oh maybe its a she. How sexist!!!

Lots have tomorrow off as a holiday but we are back at the mines tomorrow. Hope you all had lots of chocolate as no one would let me have any. Hmmp!

Talk soon,

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