Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Moanings

The entire month of February flew by and I didn't post once! Not that I didn't have anything to say mind you - but this is a public site after all! I come home absolutely drained mentally most days, but now that the days are getting longer and (hopefully!) spring is in the air, perhaps it will serve as a good tonic for this weary soul.

It's good to have Pam back at work, and even better to know that her vision is much improved...our eyesight is worth so much and to have it impaired doesn't bear thinking about...one of my greatest fears, so let's not go there right now!

Although I haven't been blogging, I have been chipping away at the fourth draft and am into the home stretch. We have decided on no more submissions until we have that polished draft printed and ready to send at a moment's notice! That way we can also more fully concentrate on Body Perfect, which I am missing very much and long to get back to. Ideally the time we have spent on revising Madelaine will serve as good experience when we finally get back to Paul and Dorothy, and may save us at least one draft revision.

Numerous lottery groups at work, and individual ticket purchases, have so far netted us $0 - the result being that we continue our daily trek to our desks and bide our time until we have publishing success.

My oldest grandson turned 6 last week! Seems like only yesterday I was anxiously pacing the hospital corridor with other family members waiting for Michael's arrival. And now Michael has a younger brother and two cousins. A joint birthday party is planned this Saturday for Michael & Noah as their birthdays are only days apart. It's always fun to see them altogether and hope the four of them will continue to grow up as close friends.

Well today is my one day a week late shift...that means working from 11 to 7 pm...which for me is unbelievably hard to adjust to. I have been an early riser for 30 years and so continue to wake at my usual time. By 4 pm I have no more mental energy left and wonder at the value I can really contribute during those last three L O N G hours. I'm not home till almost 8 pm, and in bed less than an hour later, only to be back at work within 12 hours. Wednesdays likewise are almost totally spent in a fog trying to recover from Tuesday's late hour!

This morning, just to add to the fun of the day, I have scheduled a regular dentist appointment. So after being picked, flossed, and polished I'll make my way down the highway to begin my day's work - and more than ready for a good cup of coffee!

So let the day begin - may you have a good one.



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